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Curved shape 27’’ Dual display cockpit

Curved shape 27’’ Dual display cockpit
Curved shape 27’’ Dual display cockpit

Large area 27'' curved (C or V – Shape) cockpit display, with fully reconfigurable TFT Instrument Cluster and Central Information Display, to provide freedom from single function displays and deliver personalized experience. Enhanced HMI that allows for must-have features such as: elimination of physical constraints, design freedom, end-user personalization, information displayed only when needed, and a high-tech look and feel.

Features related to Display technologies:

• Seamless Large area Complex shape (Curved 27’’ bonded), display integration and advanced HMI

• HMI Design Concept by Marelli

• 2 x 12.3 HD (1920x720/167ppi) Normally Black TFT

• Curved Single mineral glass optically bonded cover Lens

• Cold bended glass @170°

• Surface treatment:

•Passive cooling

• Floating Design ready (L-Shape)

• IP5K2 proof

• Possible ITO multi-touch screen for the central display


Other features related to the Proof of Concept:

• Cluster and Central Information Display Concept built on Marelli production platform: Embedded GPU for Cluster; Slave Display for CID

• Real Time Operating System for the Cluster

• Fitting Distributed architecture

• Platform additional supported functionalities: IVI Mirroring and Driving Monitoring System, Multi Connectivity

There are some benefits that deserve to be highlighted:


• Featuring Unified Experience Technology

• Seamless Design

• Perfect dashboard integration


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