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Passenger Display with Dynamic Privacy




The double display cockpit integrates the Dynamic Privacy solution applied to the Passenger display, allowing to hide the display contents to the driver addressing safety as well as privacy concerns for driver and passenger.

Based on backlight principle, it allows the dynamic management of the view angle of the passenger display, that can toggle between 2 types of cone of vision. The switch is automatic, driven by safety logic.

There are some key features that deserve to be highlighted:


• Single cover glass, optically-bonded dual display

• Each display 10.9” diagonal

• In-cell touch technology

• Dynamic privacy technology applied to passenger display

• In privacy mode, content of the passenger display is not visible for the driver, thanks to limited light coming from passenger display received by the driver and low contrast in the driver direction

• Optical performances for the passenger is still high thanks to Luminance higher than 600 cd/m2 and contrast higher than 1200:1 together with high color depth.

There are some benefits that deserve to be highlighted:


• Avoid Driver distraction of disturbance for driver and propose more interactive content to front passenger

• Avoid light disturbance during night drive

• Share content with driver when needed

• Strength and resistance to impacts thanks to bonded cover

• Efficient integration of display technology in the vehicle architecture


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