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Unique Large display 27’’ on Cockpit Domain Controller

Unique Large display 27’’ on Cockpit Domain Controller
Unique Large display 27’’ on Cockpit Domain Controller

Focused on Unified HMI, the  Unique Wide display 27’’ (cluster and IVI) driven by Marelli Cockpit Domain Controller features Advanced Connectivity and proprietary Driver Monitoring System. A cost effective solution still performance driven and based on a scalable global platform.

Features related to Display technologies:

• Single Wide 27’’ (4032x756/152ppi) Normally Black IPS TFT

• Mineral bonded Cover Lens with AGARAF treatment


Other features related to the Proof of Concept:

Cluster and LINUX IVI with customizable HMI contents. Responsive and distributed HMI with intuitive interaction.

• Featuring R-Touch, R-Share connectivity features by Marelli

• Second instance on Portable Device connected via R Touch

• Driving Monitoring System using real time sharing powered by R-Touch® Technology

• Wide Display as data hub

• Real time Data sharing


Cockpit Domain Controller driving the two bonded displays:

• A single ECU capable of managing the cluster display and the IVI touch screen display, that is disassociated from the display and can be installed anywhere in the dashboard

• Thanks to the Hypervisor technology, the Cluster RTOS and the LINUX OS can be integrated in the same last generation SOC obtaining a single DCU Multi-Display Cockpit

• Scalable features

• Up to Quad-core 64bits Processor

• Marelli Entry Platform additional supported functionalities: NCAP (ADAS), Android Auto, Apple Car Play

There are some benefits that deserve to be highlighted:


• Unified and Integrated Experience: several screens but one overall user experience

• High flexibility and interoperability of the different domains managed by the Cockpit Domain Controller

• A scalable and modular solution for a customized answer to any OEM technology need

• A cost-optimized solution with reduced complexity of communication and synchronization between the ECUs

• Improved safety and the security thanks to the Hypervisor technology

• Wider Display area allows dynamic configuration of the HMI depending of the type of applications running


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