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Trademarks, etc.

The rights to this Website, as well as the names of products and services, logos, trademarks, etc., published on this Website belong either to The rights to this Website, as well as the names of products and services, logos, trademarks, etc., published on this Website belong either to Calsonic Kansei Corporation or the respective owners of the rights. or the respective owners of the rights.


The following actions are prohibited when using this Website.
  • Actions that infringe on the rights or interests of Magneti Marelli CK Holdings or third parties, including intellectual property rights, rights of portraits, reputation, and rights of privacy.
  • Actions that result in a loss of profit or damages to Magneti Marelli CK Holdings or third parties.
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  • Other actions in violation of laws or regulations.
  • Actions that may lead to any of the actions listed above.
  • In addition, any action deemed inappropriate by us.


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In no event shall we be liable for any loss or damage arising out of, or in connection with, the use of information published on this Website or other usage related to this Website.

You shall immediately indemnify Magneti Marelli CK Holdings in full against all loss, liability, damages arising out of, or in connection with, use of this Website (including third parties’ claims to us arising out of, or in connection with your usage) in violation of the Terms of Use.

Cookie Policy

1. What is a cookie?

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2. Types of cookies we use and how we use them

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Turning off anonymous Google Analytics:

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The third-party websites (hereafter “External Websites”) linked to or from this Website are not managed nor operated by us. This link does not imply in any way that CaMagneti Marelli CK Holdings recommends or guarantees the content on these External Websites. Magneti Marelli CK Holdings is not responsible for any loss, damage, grievances, or other claims that may arise from the use of External Websites.

You may link to this Website without prior notice to us if you adhere to the following conditions for linking to this Website, as well as the Terms of Use.

Conditions for linking to this Website

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  • Linking to this Website does not give rise to a relation of rights or duties between Magneti Marelli CK Holdings and the Link Setter, nor does it convey to the Link Setter any rights to the information published on this Website.
  • When linking to this Website, the use of our logo and other trademarks is prohibited.
  • Please understand that the content and URLs on this Website may be changed or deleted without prior notice.
  • Linking to any of the below websites is strictly not allowed.
    • Websites violating laws and regulations, or contrary to public order or morality.
    • Websites with contents that infringe on the copyrights, intellectual property rights including trademark rights, and other rights of Magneti Marelli CK Holdings or any third parties.
    • Websites with contents that infringe on the privacy, or damage the reputation or credibility of Magneti Marelli CK Holdings or any third parties.
    • Websites which, by linking to this Website, can be misunderstood as being recognized or supported by Magneti Marelli CK Holdings.
    • Websites with contents that hinder the operation of this Website.
    • Websites with contents promoting certain political activities, ideological movements, or religions.
    • Websites containing computer viruses or other harmful computer programs.
    • Websites with expressions that cause discomfort to others.
    • Any website that may be seen as any of the above websites.
    • In addition, any website deemed as an inappropriate Link Setter by us.
  • If Magneti Marelli CK Holdings deems that any of the above conditions has been violated by the Link Setter, we may request for the link to this Website to be deleted, and the Link Setter shall comply immediately with the request.


In the case that some of the terms or articles stated in the Terms of Uses are unlawful or deemed to be not legally enforceable, all other terms and articles shall remain in force with maximum enforceability within the limits of applicable laws.

Applicable laws and court of jurisdiction

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