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Towards the future:
Design-Led innovation

Amidst the automotive industry’s most significant transformation in history, Marelli prioritizes innovation and speed.

This allow us to deliver cutting-edge technology that will shape the vehicles of the future. With a focus on collaboration and consumer-based thinking, our advanced solutions empower automakers to deliver customized driving experiences tailored to individual preferences and lifestyles.

The next automotive revolution is here.

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software defined car


Software-Defined Vehicle

The next automotive revolution is here.

Marelli enables the Software-Defined Vehicle by providing automakers with powerful platforms and tools to customize their vehicle architecture.


Shaping vehicle personality

Our lighting, interiors, and electronics technologies facilitate complete vehicle personalization.

Leveraging state-of-the-art light design, interactive displays, smart surfaces, and more, we give automakers the ability to create unique brand signatures, using components that are modular, configurable, and cost-effective.


Enhancing vehicle performance

No matter the road, our destination is within reach: sustainable energy management. 

With our propulsion, exhaust, thermal, and chassis solutions, we help automakers’ transition to sustainable mobility, enhancing safety, comfort, and agility while reducing environmental impact.


Our way to a more
sustainable world

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Sustainability Report 2022: main results 

At Marelli, operating a sustainable and responsible business is a daily practice.

We take care of our communities and employees, we partner with our customers and suppliers to address climate change, promote social equity and embrace a circular economy across our value chain. 


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renewable electricity

The supply of renewable electricity in 2022 increased from 13.9% in 2021.


GHG emission 

The reduction of GHG emission intensity (Scope 1 and Scope 2) compared to 2021.


water withdrawal

The water withdrawal intensity reduction in 2022 compared to 2021.

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waste recycled

The waste generated and diverted from disposal by recycling operations.


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From tech to track and from track to success

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Marelli Motorsport: always on track

More than 100 years of predominant presence in the racing world at your fingertips.

Marelli Motorsport serves as an accelerator for technology development, enabling the flow down to the passenger car business, leveraging our agile, fast, and optimized design model.


We move fast.
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