Medical and scientific consultancy on anti-Covid-19 processes: partnership between MARELLI and Lifenet on the project “BackOnTrack”

April 30, 2020

As part of the initiatives set out to allow the safe return to production activities, MARELLI has signed a partnership with Lifenet Healthcare that focuses on the “BackOnTrack” project, a series of technical, medical and scientific consultancy activities aimed at the safe re-starting of Italian companies, developed by a pool of authoritative experts such as professor Roberto Burioni, full professor of Microbiology and Virology at the Department of Medicine and Surgery at the San Raffaele Vita-Salute University in Milan, and the team of Lifenet Healthcare, including the CEO, Mr. Nicola Bedin, and the Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Franco Perona.

In line with the intentions expressed in parallel with the signing of the recent framework agreement with national Italian trade union organisations, through the agreement with Lifenet, Marelli will have access to top-quality consultancy and external resources of proven specific competence and experience in the fields of medicine and virology, with the main objective of medically and scientifically verifying measures to contrast Covid-19 that have already been identified via local protocols and applied by the company in Italian plants. The collaboration is also aimed at the detailed definition of possible additional solutions or further operational details, in order to ensure the constant maintenance of the best possible conditions of protection in the workplace.

The utmost protection of people’s health in fact remains the number one objective for MARELLI and is also a necessary and enabling factor for the restart of production activities. “As part of our commitment to guaranteeing that our employees have the best possible conditions of health and safety on restarting work – stated Ermanno Ferrari, President of Marelli Europewe want to make sure we have access to the highest levels of professionalism in the field of medicine and virology in order to verify and support the processes that we have already put into place. Being able to rely on the experience and knowledge of professor Burioni and Lifenet Healthcare, and be part of the “BackOnTrack” project is an important guarantee for us in this regard”.

In assisting Marelli in the setting out of the best possible process for short-, mid- and long-term management of Covid-19-related matters, the “BackOnTrack” team is first of all carrying out the detailed mapping of the company situation, covering all environments, processes and work activities regarding all Marelli plants and offices in Italy. At the same time, inspections are currently being carried out on Marelli premises in accordance with the protocols defined by Lifenet Healthcare team and by the scientific consultancy of professor Burioni.

Initiatives will also be developed for information and internal communication for employees in addition to the activities already set out by MARELLI to promote awareness regarding the measures adopted. In particular, internal communication channels will be used to transmit short educational-informative videos, as well as a series of questions and answers regarding measures for the containment of Covid-19.
The experts from “BackOnTrack” will also be able to provide 24-hour medical consultancy services, including consultation with Covid-19 medical experts as well as psychological support.

Lastly, the “BackOnTrack” project provides for the continuous monitoring by Lifenet experts of the evolution of regulations concerning the containment of the virus, as well as updates, as necessary, of medical and scientific guidelines, with the consequential adaptation and development over time of the adopted solutions.

The experience with Lifenet Healthcare in Italy on the “BackOnTrack” project will be used as a point of reference also in the Marelli global perimeter, to support all the plants around the world for the best possible implementation of the guidelines already identified for the restart, and for the development of possible further measures, useful to manage the situation related to Covid-19, for the protection of all employees.

The partnership with Lifenet has been set up in the wake of the framework agreement signed on 15 April by Marelli with the Italian trade union organisations FIM-CISL, UILM-UIL, FISMIC, UGLM, AQCFR and FIOM-CGIL, and which provides for: the repetition of sanitising operations in all areas together with an increase in daily cleaning cycles, a more stringent access procedure that provides for the measuring of body temperature for all incoming staff as well as external visitors authorised to access company premises; the daily provision to all staff members of two surgical masks at the beginning of their shift; the availability of dispensers for sanitising liquid/disinfectant in various points throughout all Marelli premises; the availability of various instruments for the cleaning of individual workstations (specific sanitising products, gloves and – where necessary – protective goggles); a confirmation of all social distancing measures in common areas; the continuation of the “remote working” programme where applicable; the reorganisation of shifts and services in company canteens; the modified organisation of processes in order to guarantee the respecting of safety distances between operators and the provision of personal protective equipment for particular workstations; the distribution of information to employees before the recommencement of production activities and specific training on return to the worksite.

The “Back On Track” initiative is a consultancy service set up by Lifenet Healthcare together with professor Roberto Burioni to provide support to companies during the recommencement of activity in the context of the spread of Covid-19, providing assistance in the setting out of policies for the protection of people and for business continuity.

Lifenet Healthcare is a group that operates in the health sector, with a focus on consultancy and hospital activity, including that directly related to Covid-19 cases, and has access to recognised professional expertise in medical, scientific, support, technical, administrative and managerial fields. The leadership team is composed of people with documented experience in the sector, including Nicola Bedin, Franco Perona, Roberto Gallosti and Paolo Migliavacca.

Professor Roberto Burioni is a doctor, full professor of Microbiology and Virology, a research doctor in Microbiological Sciences, and a specialist in Clinical Immunology and Allergology. He is also the founder and scientific director of Medicalfacts, and the head of an immunology research laboratory for the study of immune response against human diseases, for the creation of pharmaceuticals based on recombinant monoclonal human antibodies, and for the use of molecular instruments for the early diagnosis of infectious diseases.