AMBITION 2024 defines Marelli’s vision and plans for the coming years, aiming to position the company to compete and win in an increasingly complex market environment.

The huge shift in the market in recent years, the move towards Connected, Autonomous, Shared and Electric mobility and the increasing focus on the creation of cleaner, greener products has provided an opportunity for the automotive industry to reposition itself and focus on the dual responsibility of meeting mobility needs of today and tomorrow.

Marelli benefits from a strong heritage built on manufacturing excellence and technological innovation. Our aim is to build on this position to create an even stronger, innovative tier 1 supplier.

Our Strategic Priorities

Our goal is to expand our position as a leading global tier 1 independent automotive supplier

Developing next‑generation technologies

Products for the mobility of today and tomorrow

Commitment to Monozukuri

Quality & excellence in all we do

Prioritizing Sustainability & Responsibility

Environmental, social, governance and financial

Increasing Efficiency & Cost competitiveness

Preconditions for success

Through the AMBITION 2024 strategy, our goal is to expand our position as a leading global tier 1 independent automotive supplier and become a true global champion.

We will achieve this through four strategic priorities:

  • Next-generation technologies – building products both for the mobility of today and tomorrow
  • Commitment to Quality and Excellence in all we do – or “Monozukuri”, as we call it
  • Increased focus in acting as a sustainable and responsible business across environmental, social, governance and financial dimensions
  • Delivering efficiency and cost competitiveness, as preconditions for success.

OUR 6 Levers For Success

Customer Knowledge & Diversification

Focused Growth

Growth Through Partnerships


People & Culture


Supported by a sustainable, responsible, values driven approach

Sustainable Products

Sustainable business practices and operations

Our strategy is built around six growth levers:

  • Customer knowledge & diversification. Building and sustaining long-term customer relationships, we are a strategic partner to our customers and aim to support them throughout the entire value creation process, from development and engineering over product launches to continuous, reliable product delivery.
  • Focused growth. To position Marelli and its businesses for future success, we aim to make smart investment decisions that are targeted towards what customers will need over the next decades as well as right now.
  • Growth through partnerships. Joining forces with other market leaders is a core element of our growth strategy from financial, geographical and technology perspective. We will continue to work alongside with our partners to bring to life our vision of using innovation and transformation to shape the future of mobility.
  • Innovation. Building on our strong capabilities and on cross-industry partnerships with technology leaders that will help us leap-frog towards next generation technologies, firmly focused around CASE – Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric mobility.
  • People & Culture. Without our people we are nothing. As we work to create a company that our team members can feel proud of, our focus for the coming years will be on diversifying and developing our talent base, attracting experts, and establishing new ways of working based on collaboration. Health and safety will continue to be a core value, it’s our utmost priority that our employees return home from work healthy every day.
  • Transformation. Transformation is essential to make Marelli fit for the future, set it up for profitable growth in a highly complex industry and unlock the true value of the company. Our ongoing transformation process has already generated a great deal of new value, and we will continue to work hard on our excellence initiatives with regards to processes, finance and in the regions, to ensure we are in the best position to compete and succeed.

Innovation: Our Unique Technology Strategy for C.A.S.E.
Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric Mobility

Connected System

Connected System

V2X Communication

Software portability and cybersecurity for Connected Systems

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Autonomous Driving

Autonomous Driving

Smart sensing functions for ADAS tightly integrated in sub-systems

Enhanced vehicle motion control systems

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On-Board Experience

On-board Experience

Tier 0.5 system integration for Intelligent, Connected Interiors

Multi-User Solutions for personal and shared vehicles

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External Perception

External Perception

360° illumination and sensing to “see and be seen”

Intelligent, efficient and tailored solutions for lighting, style and sound characterization

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Tier 0.5 for E‑Powertrain Systems

Thermal Solutions as enabling technology for total energy management

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Lean Propulsion & Dynamics

Lean Propulsion & Dynamics

Support OEMs to meet emissions regulations

Light Weight Materials for energy efficiency

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Comfort & Convenience

Safety & Trust


Leveraging our strong heritage in innovation, as Marelli we have defined six technology domains to respond to the changing needs of customers and societies, meeting the CASE needs.

  • Connected System with a focus on V2X Communication as well as software portability and cybersecurity for connected systems
  • Autonomous Driving with a focus on smart sensing functions for ADAS tightly integrated in sub-systems as well as enhanced vehicle motion control systems
  • On-Board Experience with a focus on tier 0.5 system integration for intelligent, connected interiors as well as multi-user solutions for personal and shared vehicles
  • External Perception with a focus on 360° illumination and sensing to “see and be seen” as well as intelligent, efficient and tailored solutions for lighting, style and sound characterization
  • Electrification with a focus on tier 0.5 for e-powertrain systems and thermal solutions as enabling technology for total energy management
  • Lean Propulsion & Dynamics with a focus on supporting OEMs to meet emissions regulations and light weight materials for energy efficiency

A key priority, over all the technology domains, is creating clean and sustainable technologies, as well as ensuring comfort and convenience and safety and trust.