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HorizonView Display

Dynamic Privacy
Diorama display

The HorizonView Display provides high quality reflections on the bottom edge of the windshield. Images are reflected from a TFT source placed at its base.
It has the capability to display navigation information, telltales, indicators.  It is based on Segments/Matrix  LCD or Full RGB TFT. It allows also to easily recognize in which direction objects appear in the driver's blind spot.

There are some key features that deserve to be highlighted:

• Information is projected onto a black reflective area at the base of the windshield (below wipe zone) meeting visibility requirements (ECE-125). 
• The Diorama is packaged at the forwardmost area of the instrument panel top pad and single or pillar-to-pillar configurations ensure modularity. 
• As a next generation they can be combined with the OxOB, 3D Holographic Avatar to enhance the customer active interaction with the vehicle and the environment.


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