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Discover how we engage with our suppliers and find out all the documentation.


Our shared key principles

We aim to grow with our partners and drive together the transformation of the automotive industry.


Open communication with all partners and suppliers. We believe that we can hugely benefit from sharing ideas to create together a real competitive advantage.

Anticipating customers needs

As the automotive industry is evolving rapidly, to serve our customers reliably and win in the marketplace, we must truly anticipate their needs and manage efficiently through all levels of the supply chain.


In addition to the traditional and always crucial metrics of cost, quality and delivery, other top priorities are resiliency, sustainability and focus on enabling the Software-Defined Vehicle.


To meet the need for innovation in this fast-paced market, our distinctive approach is ‘Co-innovation at speed’ with our suppliers to make the drive a better and more affordable user experience.

General Terms and Conditions

The General Terms and Conditions (“GTC”) are applicable exclusively to Purchase Orders issued by Marelli entity in a relevant specific country. Therefore, please download the specific GTC version of the country in which the Purchase Orders has been issued by a Marelli entity. For the countries not present herein, the relevant Purchase Orders are/will be regulated by separate agreements between the Parties.

Purchase Agreement

Unless otherwise stated in a written agreement signed by Marelli, the Marelli Purchase Agreement shall apply to all Global Purchase Orders for products issued by Marelli, including the electronic ones.

Supplier Code of Conduct

At Marelli, we recognize that our Suppliers play a major role in helping us to achieve a sustainable supply chain, with responsible and ethical business practices. As such, it is essential that we select Suppliers that are aligned with our own corporate values.
With this aim, we have created the Marelli Supplier Code of Conduct to clearly set out the social, human, economic and environmental sustainability standards that we expect from all Suppliers that conduct business with us.


Resources for current Marelli Suppliers

If you are a current supplier, please use the links below to access our dedicated portals.

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Supplier collaboration portal

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Logistic supplier portal