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Redefining what’s “next”

Discover how we can enable continuous innovation for the future of mobility.

Innovation @speed

A customized approach to the Software-Defined Vehicle, aiming at the evolution of life onboard the vehicle and on the road.

In an exciting journey that is bringing the vehicle from a hardware to a preeminent software dimension, Marelli has firstly a strategic approach to the Software-Defined Vehicle with all the related technical domains. Other crucial focus are artificial intelligence and affordability. In connection and in addition to this, our innovation view focuses on the evolution of the interaction between the passengers and the visual, tactile and sound elements onboard the vehicle, the driving comfort and safety conditions, the lighting and sensing new functionalities, advanced propulsion and thermal management, and also product development platforms to combine innovation with simplification, efficiency, and cost competitiveness.


More than a technology partner

We work hand-in-hand with our customers at the concept stage, to design, develop and deploy new solutions at speed.


The future is Software-Driven

Software-defined vehicles are the next revolution in the automotive industry, enabling new features and upgradeability through software.

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