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Marelli presents ‘In-Cabin Advanced Technology Showcase’ at Auto Shanghai 2023 for an immersive experience into next-generation cockpit technologies


April 19, 2023

Within the main technologies introduced at Auto Shanghai 2023 – booth located in Hall 1.2H, Stand 1BF015 – Marelli is presenting for the first time its “In-Cabin Advanced Technology Showcase”. This is a physical representation of a vehicle interior, providing an immersive experience, that highlights Marelli’s latest innovations in exciting user interfaces, computational hardware, software and infrastructure.

This showcase is aimed at offering a unique and memorable experience, engaging visitors in a deep interaction with the next generation of the cabin and driving environment, through intuitive controls and cutting-edge features.

The most relevant technologies embedded in the new “In-Cabin Advanced Technology Showcase” include the fourth generation of the MInD-Xp integrated Cockpit Domain Control Unit, which consolidates traditionally separated ECUs in a unique controller to address the in-cabin technology experience evolution. With the MInD-Xp Cloud Eco System, the solution also integrates the ability to develop and test vehicle applications natively in the cloud.
Another relevant technology is the next generation zonal Dynamic Privacy display, that allows the content shown on the passenger display to be completely or partially hidden from the driver, ensuring safety and privacy. The latest version also offers local dimming and high contrast.
The showcase also presents the pillar-to-pillar Diorama Display, driving three HD displays with local dimming, which guarantees a safe and comfortable ride thanks to sharp visualizations on the windshield. With its innovative reflective technology, it boosts safety by providing a clear, wide-angle view. The latest generation includes the advanced OxOB Holographic Avatar, combining the principle of 3D stereoscopy and the Diorama setup.
Also featured is the Marelli 3D display with advanced eye tracking technology, which enhances content readability thanks to depth perception, without specific glasses. It is based on two stereoscopic views in real-time, selected among fourteen views, by eye tracking sensors as part of the latest generation of the Driving Monitoring System.

Many other technologies are integrated in the “In-Cabin Advanced Technology Showcase”: in the cockpit area, Android OS for Infotainment, a Driver Monitoring System, Virtual Personal Assistant, phone mirroring including Apple CarPlay, media streaming, a real-time Telematic Control Unit connection, 3D surround view and cloud (Intrusion Detection System IDS, FOTA); in the ADAS domain, a V2X scenario with an integrated ground projected alert,; and finally, in the Human Machine interface area, technologies include a seamlessly integrated large display (three displays: Cluster, Central Information Display, Passenger Display), eMirrors, steering wheel and Central Console with Smart Surface and Multi-Functional Layer with haptic feedback, Smart Switches, and a Digital Mirror with driver help functions.

As previously announced, Marelli offers an interactive and engaging experience in its booth at Auto Shanghai, themed around the concept “Co-Create What’s Next”, aimed at co-creating the future of mobility with customers and technology partners. Customers visiting Marelli’s booth can define their brand’s personality by configuring their own vehicle, choosing from a curated selection of lighting, sensing, electronics, and interior options featured in Marelli’s Digital Design Studio. Marelli is also presenting products that drive vehicle personality and performance, including those most relevant for the Chinese market.

Technology recap (
Main technologies presented by Marelli at the event include: Near-Field Ground Projections and illuminated front panels in the automotive lighting and sensing field; the premiere of the Distribution module for efficient Thermal Management System; the wireless Battery Management System (wBMS) and high voltage eAxle solutions aimed at e-mobility; a material collection of sustainable, eco-friendly, and translucent backlit materials for vehicle interior; the Full Active Electro mechanic technology and Semiactive Twin valve system in the Ride Dynamics area; an integrated multi-domain controller for powertrain and vehicle control for traditional powertrains; the Burner Active Catalyst Heating System for gasoline and diesel engines.