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Marelli obtains global contract from a major carmaker to supply battery thermal solutions for electric vehicles

 The picture shows a battery plate
 The picture shows a battery plate

Marelli has been awarded a significant contract from a major global carmaker to supply the Battery Thermal Plate (BTP) for future Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs). The solution, a key technology for thermal energy management in electric vehicles, has been developed and will be produced in-house by Marelli.

The supply will begin in 2024, reaching approximately 5 million units over the contract period. The agreement involves various vehicle platforms and segments for the Chinese, North American and European markets.

“We are proud of this important assignment, which further strengthens our collaboration with global carmakers on technologies that are key to optimizing thermal energy management of vehicles” said Shuji Kobayashi, President of Marelli’s Green Technology Solutions business. “Through our solid experience and comprehensive portfolio, we support OEMs in achieving the most efficient solutions for electric, hybrid and internal combustion engine vehicles, adapting to their specific needs to co-create with our customers their vehicles of tomorrow."

Effective thermal management of the battery is essential to ensure performance and efficiency in fully electric vehicles, where the battery is the only energy source available. Thermal management impacts battery life, vehicle driving range, propulsion system performance and fast charging capability, and is key to maintaining a comfortable cabin environment. To reach maximum efficiency, the battery must always remain within a specific optimal temperature range under all external temperature conditions (hot/cold), while meeting the needs of the cabin and propulsion systems.

To achieve this, Marelli’s Battery Thermal Plate uses the ‘Dot Dimples’ design, which guarantees an optimized heat exchange. Thanks to specific paths of the thermal flows, this solution stabilizes the temperature of the battery cells and provides excellent temperature uniformity.

It also allows for an extremely flat product that requires limited space, ensuring an easy integration and assembly within the vehicle. The production technologies and materials used for this solution guarantee high durability and quality. 
Furthermore, Marelli’s in-house testing laboratories and simulation capabilities allow to quickly adapt the dimple design technology to the needs of each customer, for different types of batteries and geometries. The solution is therefore highly customizable, going from small to extra-large size.  

This project is the result of a global development, thanks to Marelli’s worldwide R&D centers, and the production will be located in China, Mexico and Romania.
In addition to the Battery Thermal Plate, Marelli offers a complete range of solutions for the control, management and optimization of the heat balance of all vehicle systems, thanks to its proven expertise in key heat exchange technologies for different types of propulsion systems.


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