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Marelli named Top Innovator at CLEPA Innovation Awards with its Diorama Display, pioneering head‑up display enhancing safety

Marelli Clepa Award|Marelli Clepa Award
Marelli Clepa Award|Marelli Clepa Award

October 19, 2023

Marelli has been named a ‘Top Innovator’, at the Innovation Awards 2023 by CLEPA, the European Association of Automotive Suppliers, with its Diorama Display technology. The Marelli solution was recognized in the ‘Digital’ category, during the awards ceremony held on October 18.

The CLEPA Innovation Awards celebrate the innovative excellence of the European automotive supply industry. The 2023 edition has a special focus on innovations in Green and Digital categories. Specifically, the Digital category recognizes smart solutions within the mobility ecosystem, focusing on digitalization.

Consistently to the “mission” of the award, the Diorama Display is a next-generation head-up information area display, that provides superior brightness, resolution, contrast and software defined configurability compared to traditional head-up displays (HUD) on the market. It is a radical innovation, as it uses standard automotive components but introduces a novel way to display information to the driver and the passenger.

The technology provides high quality images and information on the bottom edge of the windshield, reflected from a TFT (Thin Film Transistor) source placed at its base, ensuring clear visibility in any environmental condition. The user perceives images outside of the windshield, despite them being projected on the interior. The position and distance of Diorama from the driver improve eye focus and driver reaction time, enhancing safety.

This solution can replace traditional HUDs and clusters, being able to display nearly any type of vehicle information, such as vehicle speed, navigation instructions, blind spot warnings, music information, autonomous driving mode, and others.

The Diorama can extend from pillar to pillar, with the ability to display information to all vehicle occupants, enabling HMI (Human-Machine Interface) applications such as repeating information (e.g., pedestrian position, travel overview, V2X information) where it's crucial to quickly identify the warning's source.

The technology requires 75% less volume, facilitating vehicle integration and enabling high modularity in cabin design. It also requires less energy and is more cost-effective than a traditional HUD, while enabling unlimited HMI imagery options. The system is software-enabled to support customization and OTA (Over-The-Air) updates.

“Receiving the CLEPA award is yet another demonstration of the incredible success our Diorama display is enjoying.”, said Ravi Tallapragada, President of Electronic Systems division of Marelli. “Diorama is a great example of Marelli’s renewed effort in developing innovations at the right cost, helping our customers improve and modernize the cabin experience, while increasing safety of end-users. I want to thank our customers who are collaborating with us by leveraging Diorama and other Marelli innovations in redesigning their cabin interiors, and to congratulate all the team for this remarkable achievement”.