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The Marelli burner

car burner
car burner

The Marelli Burner Active Catalyst Heating System takes advantage of its integration upstream of the catalyst and decreases its light-off delay time thanks to innovative architecture that includes heatshield, injector, spark plug and dedicated ECU with software and strategy calibration.
This calibration was developed with strategic algorithms for optimised device management mixed with injection and lighting strategies, thanks to patented geometrical solutions.

There are some benefits that deserve to be highlighted.

The Marelli burner system minimises vehicle emissions thanks to faster activation of the catalyst system, empowering all engines and achieving next emissions legislation such as Euro 7, China 7, LEV IV 2026 and following.

CO2, HC and NOX emission reduction thanks to fast catalyst activation


Expected lower fuel consumption versus current catalyst light off engine strategy and no effect on engine power output

Compact solution: for a 20 kW device, burner dimension is much less invasive

Optimised heatshield design for better packaging installation and component protection

Lightweight and highest manufacturing quality thanks to laser welding assembly technology

Optimised software design and calibration to run either Marelli or customer platform ECUs


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