Vehicle Personality

Lighting, electronic, and interior solutions for unprecedented vehicle personalization.

Creating your unique brand signature

From distinguishing light signals and functions - to customizable displays, audio, sound zoning, and your own personal avatar - open your eyes to endless vehicle personalization options.

Thanks to modular, configurable, and cost-effective components, automakers can personalize vehicles and shape their brand personality, whether designing a signature exterior or interior ambience, from 360° illumination to smart and sustainable surfaces and pillar-to-pillar displays.

Interior car technology
Interior car technology


Automotive Lighting
and Sensing

Light the road to the future.

marelli lighting evolution
car light


Enabling the lighting evolution

From full and matrixed LED to lasers and high-resolution digital light, we’re always driving what’s next.

We combine design and cutting-edge technology with the highest quality standards and extensive legal lighting expertise to offer a range of solutions for automotive lighting and sensor integration to support advanced driver assistance and automated driving.


Electronic Systems

Empowering customers in their transition to centralized architectures.

With a robust order pipeline for Central Computing Units and Zone Control Units, we are playing a pivotal role in the evolving automotive landscape.

marelli lighting evolution


Intelligent vehicles. Reinvented.

We meet the demands of connected cars and automated vehicles with tailored solutions ranging from hardware design and manufacturing to top-tier software development, integration, and validation, while maintaining the highest standards in terms of safety and cybersecurity.


Interior experience

All the comfort and convenience of your living room in a car.

We combine R&D, styling, design, and fine production to provide turn-key modules, including cross-car beams, cockpits, and consoles.​

car interiors
car interiors


Take your seat in the future

From design optimization to synchronous production management systems, we support you at every stage of the process.

We are a leading supplier of intelligent HMI, including Smart Surface. We have plenty of solutions entirely motorized and seamlessly integrated into the cabin. Our sustainable solutions reduce CO₂ emissions while maintaining high-quality standards.

Spiral blue light beams background
Spiral blue light beams background


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