Automotive Lighting & Sensing

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Marelli Automotive Lighting designs, develops and integrates a wide and complete range of top notch solutions for external automotive lighting systems, as well as innovative sensors to support future ADAS/AD features including LiDAR-sensor technology.

Within the lighting domain, Marelli Automotive Lighting has an advanced/deep know-how in all the key technologies that enabled the lighting evolution in the last decades: Xenon, Full-LED, Matrix LED, Laser and Digital light.

Innovation, performance, quality in development, production and delivery of intelligent lighting systems are met by combining extraordinary design and innovative technology with highest quality standards.

Automotive Lighting Highlight
  • World-wide footprint: we are always close at hand to our customers

  • R&D driven technology leader

  • Deep understanding of various brands and international markets, trends and tastes

  • Innovative global expertise in premium and volume segments

  • Flexible adaptation to our customers’ requirements