Marelli Automotive Lighting Xiaogan established joint Innovation Center with Chang’an

December 20, 2021

Marelli AL Xiaogan signed an agreement with Chang’an to set up a joint innovation center to develop advanced technologies and strengthen the cooperation relationship between Chang’an and Marelli.

The plant in Xiaogan is a joint venture by Hubei Huazhong and Marelli Automotive Lighting, established in 2014, targeting customers in Middle and South West China area including Chang’an to provide headlamps, rear lamps and fog lamps. The collaboration will take advantage of the technology and know-how of Chang’an on Intelligent Driving & Mobility and Marelli on Automotive Lighting and Sensing.

The joint innovation center will be located inside Chang’an R&D Center in Chonqing and focus on new automotive lighting and sensing technologies.

Mr. Wei Li, Vice President of Chang’an Auto, stated on the opening ceremony of the joint center: “The establishment of the joint innovation center not only implements the spirit of deepening collaborative innovation of the group and introduces advanced joint ventures into the system for in-depth cooperation, it is also an exploration of Huazhong Marelli in the face of technological breakthroughs and Chang’an Automobile in the process of transformation. In response to the current changes in the automotive industry, we fully support and implement the “new car + new ecology” strategic goal issued by Chang’an. We hope the joint innovation center can carry out in-depth cooperation in the field of automotive lighting systems and work together to develop more classic, stunning and exquisite products.

As Marelli Automotive Lighting we are always committed to being ahead of the evolution of our sector. We are already going beyond what we can call ‘traditional lighting’, constantly working to find new functionalities and leading-edge solutions, that enable 360° illumination and advanced sensing technologies for the mobility of the future. This strategy is perfectly embodied by the new joint innovation center with Chang’an, which further extends our close collaboration with such a strong partner in China”, stated Sylvain Dubois, President of Marelli Automotive Lighting division.

“We are very excited to have the joint innovation center with Chang’an and we have cooperated with Chang’an since 2015, together we realized many ‘Firsts’, such as First Full LED Headlamp and First breathing Lamp for Chang’an. The establishment of the joint innovation center is based on existing successful cooperation and aims to achieve more original and leading technologies by promoting further in-depth cooperation and joint research by both parties.” said Haibo Chen, Chairman of Huazhong Photoelectric Science and Technology.