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Links and linking to this website

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  • When linking to this Website, the use of Trademarks is prohibited;

  • Linking to any of the below websites is strictly not allowed: 

  • Websites violating laws and regulations, or contrary to public order or morality;

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  • Websites with contents that infringe the privacy, or damage the reputation or credibility of Company or any third parties;

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  • Websites with contents that hinder the operation of this Website;

  • Websites with contents promoting certain political activities, ideological movements, or religions;

  • Websites containing computer viruses or other harmful computer programs;

  • Websites with expressions that cause discomfort to others. 

  • any website deemed as inappropriate by us.

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Please understand that the content and URLs on this Website may be changed or deleted without prior notice. 

Any website that may be seen as any of the above websites.

In addition, if Company deems that any of the above conditions has been violated by the Link Setter, we may request the link to this Website has to be deleted, and the Link Setter shall comply immediately with the request.


In the case that some of the terms or articles stated in the Terms of Uses are unlawful or deemed to be not legally enforceable, all other terms and articles shall remain in force with maximum enforceability within the limits of applicable laws.

Applicable Laws and Court of Jurisdiction

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