As we continue to build and transform Marelli, we are committed to doing so sustainably and responsibly.  Operating a sustainable business in all its dimensions – environmental, economic and social – is not an ultimate goal, but a daily practice.

The development of new and advanced technologies, which respond to the ever increasing need for greater environmental awareness remains front of mind. At the same time, we are focused on the production of classic products made with greater fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

We also take seriously our broader responsibilities to our communities, employees, customers, suppliers and partners and governments, and want our stakeholders feel proud of choosing Marelli. Doing business responsibly, taking care of our communities and our employees, and operating as an ethical global citizen is a core priority for Marelli. We want to build a diverse and inclusive culture, which celebrates our heritage, tradition and values, where everyone feels respected and valued.

Our goal is to be a leading player in the future of mobility. As we transform and grow, we are committed to ensuring our ongoing contribution to a more sustainable world.